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Blood Preparation Process (Lab Instructions)


Biocomp Laboratories is a specialized in vitro laboratory testing facility located in Colorado Springs Colorado. We provide a specialized blood serum analysis service called Biocompatibility testing. This test builds a comprehensive report of dental product reactivity for each individual client tested. Our world wide client base requires us to ask laboratories, such as your office, to provide our clients with a blood serum sample service. The following has been arranged as a step by step direction for preparing, packing and shipping of a blood sample for our clients. We ask that you please read through these directions at least once before preparing a serum sample for our clients. This will help reduce the chance of oversights or mistakes from happening.

Procedure Overview:

A client of Biocomp Laboratories procures a testing kit directly from our office or receives a kit directly from a physician or dental office. Clients are told that they need to fast for at least 8 to 10 hours before having their blood drawn at your laboratory. This fasting helps keep our testing accurate. We please ask you to verify that the client has fasted before proceeding with the blood drawing procedure. Drawing of the blood is simple. Two vacutainer tubes of blood are drawn by the phlebotomist. Both tubes are left alone for several minutes to allow for clotting. After that both tubes are centrifuged and the blood serum is transferred into our specimen vial. The vial is to be labeled with the client’s first and last name. Up to this point the process should take about 40 minutes. The remaining steps allow for multiple options.

Option 1
(preferred method) – The laboratory freezes the blood sample and the client returns to the lab several hours later to collect and ship the sample themselves. Option 2 - The laboratory freezes the blood sample and later that day ships the sample for the client. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW ALL SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS ENTIRELY. Extra Note: Have the client fill out our order form that must accompany the testing sample before leaving your clinic. The client will also be expected to include payment to our office with in the shipping container as well.
Option 3 - The laboratory prepares the sample and then gives it to the client to freeze and ship.
Of course not all of these options will be within your company’s policies or capabilities. So we ask you to please choose the best option that will work for both your company and our client. Finally the sample is shipped and then arrives here at our office for testing.


Blood Draw and Sample Preparation:

  1. 1. Arrange for whole blood to be drawn into 2 red top vacutainer specimen tubes (SST -Serum Separator Tubes or plain red tops) our recommendation is to use a 20 or 21 gauge needle.
    • Notes: All blood drawing supplies have not been included with our testing kit. The laboratory will be expected to provide these provisions.
    • 22 or 23 gauge needles are not recommended because these needles can often cause hemolyzed blood specimens.
  2. Immediately after the drawing of the blood into the tubes, let them sit undisturbed for at least 10 to 15 minutes to allow for blood clotting.
  3. Centrifuge the two clotted tubes of blood for at least 20 minutes at 3000 RPM.
    • Notes: A minimum of 4 ccs / 4 ml of serum is required for our testing.

4. I have read about many different types of dentists that coin themselves as Natural, Holistic, Biological, Mercury-Free or Huggins dentists. What is the difference between these dentists and the traditional dentists?

Typically, a traditional dentist does not believe that dental materials and procedures can cause any significant health risks. Mercury-free dentists have only removed mercury from their practice. Natural, Holistic and Biological dentists are dentist who provide a form of non-toxic dentistry although they do not necessarily follow a specific, uniform set of protocols. Huggins or alliance dentists have been trained by Hal Huggins, DDS, MS with his special dentistry protocol. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT EACH FORM OF DENTISTRY)

5. What is a Huggins Dentist

A Huggins dentist is a dentist who practices non-toxic dentistry based on the methods and protocols of Dr. Huggins. For further information visit Dr. Huggins’s company Matrix Inc. (CLICK HERE TO VISIT MATRIX INC. / HUGGINS APPLIED HEALING)

6. Where can I get names for Natural, Holistic or Biological dentists?

Please contact our office for names of Natural, Holistic or Biological dentists who have used our testing in the past. (CLICK HERE TO FIND A DENTIST) or (CLICK HERE FOR BIOCOMP LABORATORIES CONTACT INFORMATION)

7. Where can I get names for Huggins or Huggins Alliance dentists?

Please contact Matrix Inc./Huggins Applied Healing. Their toll free telephone number within the United States is 1-866-948-4638. If calling from outside the United States please call 719-593-9616. You may also visit the Matrix Inc./Huggins Applied Healing website (CLICK HERE TO VISIT MATRIX INC. / HUGGINS APPLIED HEALING)

8. How can I get your testing kit?

The Biocompatibility testing kits are available, free of charge through this website, see link below. You may also contact us directly, see link below. (CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE ORDERING), (CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT INFORMATION)

9. I have the testing kit, what do I do now?

Included with the kit is a complete list of step-by-step instructions that will be able to guide you through the rest of the testing procedure. These instructions can be found on the reverse side of the sheet called "COMPATABILITY REPORT ORDER FORM". Please read all of these instructions carefully before proceeding. (CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS)

10. I think I may be missing some parts of my kit. What should be included in the kit?

When you open the box you should see three pieces of paper and a foam box. The papers included are the order form / client instructions, request form / laboratory instructions, and the test description. Inside the foam box you should find two small ice packs and a plastic tube. Within the plastic tube should be a smaller specimen collection tube and an absorbent pouch. If any of these components are missing please contact us so that we can address the problem. (CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES OF THE KIT COMPONENTS)

11. Do you have a list of local laboratories?

NOT AT THIS TIME – You can locate a laboratory by looking up the word “LABORATORIES” in the yellow pages in your local telephone book. You my even ask your local general practitioner or dentist to help you find a laboratory. In some cases dental offices that we deal with on a regular basis have already set up laboratory contacts. Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) provides a laboratory search features found on their website, please follow the link below:

12. Will I need to fast before having the blood drawn?

YES – We ask you to fast for 8 to 10 hours. Keep in mind that this is only a food fast you may feel free to drink water and take any regular medications and vitamins. We only ask that you abstain from anything that may be a source of protein and fats, such as foods and juices.

13. What is the difference between the FULL 307 test and the SHORT 306 test?

In brief the SHORT 306 test no longer exists. The FULL 307 name has been changed to simply the Biocompatibility test. The biocompatibility test covers fillings, dentures, orthodontics, crowns, bridges, root canals and implants.
Please Note: Root canal and implant procedures can be very hazardous to the immune system. Biocomp Laboratories officially recommends against having these procedures completed. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION #BCT1)

14. How much does Biocompatibility testing cost?

The Biocompatibility test is currently $275 US Dollars. This test covers materials required for fillings, dentures, orthodontics, crowns, bridges, root canals and implants. (CLICK HERE FOR A FULL DESCRIPTION AND OTHER ASSOCIATED FEES)

15. Do we take Care Credit

NO - we are not currently a provider for Care Credit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

16. Can the testing results be sent directly to the patient?

YES – On the Biocompatibility report order form please include a message on a yellow sticky note or just simply write your request on the order from in a place that is obvious to our order processing personnel. Otherwise the results will automatically be sent to the dentist. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS POLICY #OFP1)

17. How can I tell if my blood specimen was received by Biocomp Laboratories?

If you shipped the sample yourself, you should have received a tracking number from the delivery carrier. Otherwise you can call our office and we will check on the status of your test.

18. What happens in the case of a bad sample?

If we receive a questionable sample we will contact you and your referring physician to inform you of the situation and discuss the options. You will not be double charged for any retesting fees by Biocomp Laboratories. But clients may be subject to redraw fees and shipping charges. (CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLES OF COMPROMISED SAMPLES)

19. Do we test for any Anesthetics or Sedatives?

NO – The Biocompatibility testing was not designed to handle drugs or other medications of this type.

20. Can the test show if my existing fillings are causing an immune reaction in my body?

NOT DIRECTLY – Although we cannot test specifically for what is in your mouth, we do test for a wide range of materials. If you know or are able to find out what materials were used, then you can use the test to determine if these materials could be the source of immune reactions.

21. Does the test use finished samples of dental materials?

NO – We test for your reactivity to the individual chemical components and breakdown products of the materials. These are the components that can enter the body and cause health problems.

22. What is the difference between Biocomp Laboratories Biocompatibility Testing and Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing?

Both tests are very similar in testing procedures style and format. The Biocomp Laboratories Biocompatibility testing is exclusively based on the initial design and concept of Hal Huggins DDS. Our testing has always utilized an optical densitometer and never relied on examination and evaluation by eye for interpretation.

23. What can I do if my dentist wants to use a material that is not currently on the Biocompatibility test?

Please contact our office; some materials may be labeled under an alternative name. In other cases we might not be testing for every material a dentist might use. In that case please contact us so that we may attempt to add the material to our testing and determine whether it is compatible with you. (CLICK HERE FOR NEW MATERIAL SUBMITTAL FORM)

24. Do I have to pay for overnight shipping?

YES – Shipping services are not included in Biocomp Laboratories fees. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION #BCT6)

25. What are the best days for shipping my blood sample?

Your sample can be sent anytime Monday through Thursday. Our office is closed over the weekend so any shipments sent on Friday will not be received until the following Monday, this may render the sample useless and it will need to be redrawn at the client’s expense. Additionally our office is closed on all federal holidays. (CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF HOLIDAYS)

26. When shipping, do I have to use a particular carrier?

YES – Only FedEx or UPS is acceptable at this time. Many other carriers can not guarantee delivery, nor can they guarantee a hassle-free shipment when handling blood specimens.

27. Can you freeze the blood serum overnight or over the weekend?

YES – The blood sample can be safely frozen for up to six months.

28. Do you have to ship the sample on dry ice?

Dry ice is only necessary if the sample will take more than 24 hours to arrive at our office? Example: Shipping from outside the United States. (CLICK HERE FOR DRY ICE SHIPPING DETAILS #BCT5)

29. How long does it take to get results back from Biocomp Laboratories?

Under normal circumstances we ask you to give our office two weeks from the day you send us your sample. This should be sufficient time to ship the results to your dental office via First-Class Mail from the United States Postal Service. In more pressing conditions please add either overnight shipping through FedEx or you may choose to use Priority Mail (two to three day delivery) from the United States Postal Service. Also note our current testing schedule is set for every Tuesday and Friday.

30. Can you email my report?

Sorry our laboratory system works on dedicated software that is not currently setup to email our testing reports. However we might be able to fax your results for you. (CLICK HERE FOR OUR POLICY ON FAXING AND EMAILING OF REPORTS #BCT4)

31. Can you provide a list of the components used in dental materials?

NO – The distribution of this information is the sole right of the manufacturer. In many cases Biocomp Laboratories has obtained this information by signing non-disclosure agreements for the manufacturers. We are happy to provide contact information for all of the companies that we have worked with so that you may request additional information.

32. Is the Biocompatibility testing covered by medical or dental insurance?

Biocomp Laboratories does not accept insurance assignments at this time. You may feel free to submit your own claim for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance provider to verify eligibility. The procedure CPT code for the testing is 86403 (note: this is a procedure code and not a diagnosis code). Some insurance companies may require more information to process your claim. If so Biocomp Laboratories can provide you with a letter containing additional information that may be required for proper claim processing. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL INSURANCE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES), (CLICK HERE FOR MEDICARE AND MEDICAID POLICY)